• Give a meaning to bird conservation

    The Grand Défi is QuébecOiseaux’s most important fundraiser of the year. The funds that are collected are devoted to the conservation of Quebec birds and their habitats. Your participation is precious!
  • A winning formula

    Discover the new version of the Grand Défi QuébecOiseaux. More versatile, runs for an extended period and more exciting than ever!
  • 24 hours of passionate birding

    Try to observe as many bird species as possible in a single 24 hour period. A fun and enticing challenge for your friends and family. Go for the ultimate experience and risk a night out in the wild. Unforgettable memories guaranteed
  • Newly extended period

    You have a whole month to pick the best timing for your team and deal with our whimsical weather.
  • Many prizes to win

    The person collecting the most money will win a $1 300 spotting scope, complete with the tripod. And for each pledge of $ 20, your donors have a chance to win a fabulous stay at the Mont-Albert lodge worth close to $ 700!
  • A simple and easy way to pay pledges

    QuébecOiseaux supports your collecting efforts! A simple inteface allows your donors to contribute to your fundraiser without any hassle. Have fun, we'll collect for you!
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Grand Défi

For bird lovers, the return of migrants means the return of good weather. And the desire to go out and pursue his passion becomes irresistible. For six years now, QuébecOiseaux offers all bird lovers in the province an original way to celebrate spring: Le Grand Défi QuébecOiseaux. Those who participated in the past, eagerly await each new edition. Winners use their binoculars or spotting scope with renewed fulfillment. Others will proudly face cool weather with their coats Grand Défi embroided with the name of their team, highlighting the year they won the title for the best team. Year after year…
Si vous ne voyez pas le thermomètre, votre fureteur n'est probablement pas à jour.40 000$820$