A new, flexible and original formula

Participants should form a team of two to four people, choose a date between May 1 and May 31 2016, and try to observe a maximum number of bird species in a single 24 hour period.


There are two types of Grand Défi for participants

  • At a fixed location (Big Sit! type) : Participants will try to observe a maximum number of bird species without leaving a circle of 10 metres in diameter, the location of which they will have notified at the time of registration. Obviously, this observation site will primarily be selected by the team based on the diversity of habitat that surrounds it.
  • Travelling (Big Day type ) : The members of the team can travel throughout the 24 hour period. However, they should stay in groups and respect the rule requiring an observation to be made by a minimum of two teammates. 

Each team can choose the option that suits them best depending on their particular location, the weather and the possibility it will give them to observe as many species as possible and to collect as many donations as they can.

As this is primarily a fundraising activity, teams are asked to solicit donations from friends and relatives. These donations can be in the form of a fixed amount eg. $ 10, $ 20, $ 100) or an amount associated with performance (eg. $ 1 per species observed) . All donations collected go to support Quebec birds!

Regroupement QuébecOiseaux will redistribute these funds to birding clubs and registered conservation organizations that will then use them for the purpose of conservation of birds and their habitats on their own regions.

Even if you do not directly participate in the activity, you can help by supporting one of the teams.



Read Why participating or support the Grand Défi?

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