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  • Depending on the area I live in, can I really win this "challenge"? In fact, this challenge is entirely personal. You are trying to meet the challenge of achieving the goal that you have set yourself. In addition, the winner is the person who has accumulated the most money, so yes, no matter where you live, you have as much chance of winning whether you are birding in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine, in Quebec City or in Montérégie. Anyway, you are supporting a conservation organization of your choice that can be in your area. If the range of birds is not optimal in your area in early May, you have the whole month to participate at what you believe is the best time for your locality.
  • Who can participate in the Grand Défi QuébecOiseaux? Anyone interested in bird watching. The objective is to promote bird watching as an activity all over Quebec. There are no limitations as to age, level of knowledge or membership in a group.
  • I'm not part of a bird club or a conservation organization. Can I still participate? Yes of course! If you raise funds by participating in the Grand Défi, you can choose to support a club or qualifying organization of your choice (50% club / organization QuébecOiseaux 50%), or hand all donations to QuébecOiseaux. Your support will always welcome!
  • I represent a private company working in the filed of conservation. Can I participate in the Grand Défi? Yes, you can participate by creating your team, or by making a donation or offering sponsorship. However, companies are not eligible to raise funds in the Grand Défi for their own commercial activities.
  • I am a beginner birder. Is my participation in the Grand Défi really wanted? Absolutely, because it's a great opportunity to take the chance to observe birds, their behaviour, etc. during the  Grand Défi. You can start with the Big Sit option where you do not move during the event - you will have ample time for very good birding. To help you, pair up with a more experienced birder. As you must confirm each species with at least one other participant, you increase your chances to observe and learn different species. It is primarily a fun activity!
  • Is there a minimum age to register for the Grand Défi? No, but you will need an adult to solicit and collect money from the public.
  • What is the deadline to register? The deadline is ideally one week before your date for the Grand Défi. We need a week to send out your participant kit. In special situations, your participation documents will be sent to you electronically. You will need to print them yourself for display during the Grand Défi.
  • Is it possible to form several teams for the same club / organization? Yes - no problem That is what makes the activity interesting for a club or organization. Some clubs even organize a special event after the Grand Défi to allow participants to meet and share their observations and anecdotes. It is an activity that offers a lot of flexibility. Enjoy it!
  • Do I have to register to participate? Yes, registration is required.
  • We will choose to do the Travelling Big Day option. Can we split up for 24 hours to cover more ground? No, your team must remain together all the time - except if you go to sleep :)

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  • Why does the Grand Défi asks us to sollicit people? The Grand Défi is a fundraiser for the conservation of the birds of the province of Québec and their habitats. Some species have known astronomical population declines in the last 15 years, aerial insectivores are a good example. QuébecOiseaux hires teams of biologists for the majority of their conservation projects. Since governments and donors offer very little or no financial support for the protection of certain species (eg farmland birds) QuébecOiseaux therefore has no choice but to seek public financing, as do several other environmental organizations.
  • My organization is not registered in the list of participants that can receive donations. How can I add it? To add a conservation organization, you just send a request to QuébecOiseaux demonstrating that the organization meets the eligibility criteria. The management of the Grand Défi asks that you reply as soon as possible in order to register your organization.
  • What organizations are eligible to receive a portion of the donations raised during the Grand Défi? Birding clubs that are affiliated to Regroupement QuébecOiseaux are all eligible. Conservation organizations must meet the following criteria : ol start="1" /> <li>Be a legally constituted non-profit organization;</li> <li>Be headquartered in the Province of Québec;lt;/li> <li>Use the money raised to fund bird conservation projects and their habitats.</li> <li>An application must be made to add these groups to our list.</li> </ol> </li> <li style="text-align: left;""<strong><a name="F4""I would like to encourage the conservation efforts of QuébecOiseaux, but I do not want to subscribe to the Grand Défi. What can I do? You can donate to a team you know, a team that raises donations for QuébecOiseaux, or get directly into contact with us. Depending on your intentions, we will put you in touch with the the best circumstances solution for you.
  • Where do the donations that will be raised during the Grand Défi come from? Every team will collect donations from their networks of friends, family, colleagues, companies, etc.
  • How to collect donations? If you are part of a team, you can use different methods to collect donations. When you register, we will send you some tools to help fundraising. During the Grand Défi, you can also collect donations from passers by while explaining the operation of the Grand Défi.
  • What types of donations are accepted and how can donors pay? The Donors can give you their contribution in cash or by check and by directly online via our Grand Défi website. You can even collect donations during your Grand Défi when people come to visit your birding site. Donors can also give through our website, using a credit card.
  • I am a member of a club. Will there be any benefits for my club and my area? Yes of course! If you register your club as a beneficiary, the club will receive 50% of the money you raise to invest in a conservation project in your area. QuébecOiseaux invests the other 50% in a national conservation project affecting all regions. All clubs will receive kits and documentation generated by the funded work.


  • Is it necessary to observe birds for a full 24 hours? Entirely at your convenience, you can observe for a period of 18 hours, 15 hours, 2 hours, etc. However, make sure to respect the maximum of 24 consecutive hours. Obviously, the more time you spend at your observation site, the more you will increase your chances to add new species your list! It is also much more challenging to try to meet the challenge of birding for 24 hours, which often leads to amusing anecdotes that you will remember for a long time!
  • Do bird identification made only by sound count? Yes, absolutely! Provided that a minimum of two participants have seen or heard the bird.
  • How should I choose my birding site? You can choose any place in the province of Québec, provided it is safe and accessible. If you want to increase your chances of observing a large number of species, then prioritize places located close to different habitats (eg. a swamp, forest, open areas). If you want to increase your visibility or ability to raise funds locally, settle on a place where there are a lot of passersby. It's up to you depending on your goals.
  • If I choose a location in a park or public place (eg. National Park) do I have to notify those responsible for this place? We strongly suggest to do so and that you have the necessary authorizations to spend the night, or arrive early in the morning. Often there are hours of closing and opening, so if you want to enjoy the most favorable periods for birds, contact the authorities. Seek our help if you have trouble getting in touch with them. We can certainly make sure that everything goes well.
  • Can multiple teams have the same observing site? Yes, provided their circles do not overlap and that you keep some distance between them. The sooner you register, the sooner you will have the best choices.
  • How can we be assured that the rules will be respected by all participants? Since there is no significant prize attached to your performance in the Grand Défi, there is no advantage in cheating. We trust the participants and hope they will be honest in their approach. This is a friendly activity.
  • Must the team must be present on the observation site at all times in the stationary Big Sit option? No, but remember that species must be confirmed by at least two participants to be counted.
  • How does the rule of 10 meters in diameter work? You must observe the birds with both feet in the circle. You can look for them all around you, but you must remain in the circle. If you leave the circle and you see a bird, you must return to the circle and observe the bird again to be able to count it. You are allowed out of the circle to confirm the identity of a bird you have seen or heard from within the circle, but you can not add another species while you are outside the circle.
  • If people come to support us and they find birds without being registered, can their observations can be included? Yes, provided that at least two registered participants confirm the observation. However, people who are not registered, will not receive any participation prize.


  • I would like to know more about the conservation activities of QuébecOiseaux. Where can I get more information? You can get a wealth of information on our website. To keep you informed of our projects and activities, you can also become an individual member, subscribe to QuébecOiseaux magazine, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Can I create my own publicity or create an event in the Grand Défi? We encourage you to do so. Some teams do their own posters, a Facebook page and advertising in local newspapers. There are even some festivals that insert the Grand Défi in their programming.
  • Do I have to promote the Grand Défi? No. However, the fact of talking to those around you will help us publicize the event and this will increase your chances of winning a prize.
  • When will we know the final results of the Grand Défi? The results will be released in the month of June.
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